Reflections on Retaliation

Originally posted on Looking for The Higher Self:
Different themes of retaliation often whirl through my thoughts. It is the one feature of human behaviour that has debilitated our growth as an individual, a community, a nation and geo-politically. There are countless examples of how cycles of retaliations eventually demolishes us into human rubble –…

Relationships Matter – PAM and PAT (Patience Acceptance Tolerance and Perception Attitude MindSet)

Originally posted on Relationship Insights by Yernasia Quorelios:
ON LIKE MINDED ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇ ◇ Many of Us THINK!!! this means Always in Agreement and Resort to A Strategy of NO COMMUNICATION EVER AGAIN!!! when They ARE DisAgreed With; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Diversity Unites while Uniformity Divides as The Only…


Originally posted on Batman Crime Solver:
Giovedì 10 dicembre 2020 arriva in fumetteria e nello Shop online Bonelli il numero 0 dell’incontro tra Zagor e Flash, “La Scure e il Fulmine”, presentato in due edizioni limitate con copertine di Carmine Di Giandomenico. Annunciato per la prima volta durante Lucca Comics 2018 il team-up tra…

BATMAN: BARCELLONA – Il Cavaliere del Drago ( Recensione )

Originally posted on Batman Crime Solver:
LO PUOI LEGGERE SU: Batman: Barcellona – Il Cavaliere del Drago ( volume, Planeta ) AUTORI: Mark Waid, Diego Olmos SINOSSI: ?Batman è costretto a raggiungere Barcellona per fermare Killer Croc, convinto di essere la reincarnazione del famoso drago ucciso da San Giorgio, patrono della Catalogna. Arrivato lì, conoscerà…

Relationships Matter – Manners, Civility, Politeness and Courteousness

Originally posted on Relationship Insights by Yernasia Quorelios:
ON RUDENESS ♡ No, that’s NOT!!! Rude; it’s Simply The Truth as I SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) it…if YOU!!! don’t like it YOU!!! ARE Welcome to FUCK OFF!!! just like ALL My Exes; especially My One and Only Ex-Wife who insisted on “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!!”…

Swedia (1): Trelleborgs Bibliotek, Perpustakaan di Kota Trelleborg yang Menarik

Originally posted on Make it in your life:
Tampak depan. Bagian dalam. Penataan buku di rak kayu. Cerita kami kunjungan ke Swedia berawal di Malmö, kota pesisir yang terletak di Selatan. Hanya saja, saya masih sibuk dengan berbagai aktivitas perkuliahan sehingga saya menulis secara acak saja. Seperti sekarang saya memulai cerita kunjungan ke Swedia berawal…

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