Why my printer is not printing today?

In daily life we are facing with printer problems as the printer is not printing, printer offline error, paper jam, wireless configure, ink cartridge, and more.

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Today my printer is not working. This problem occurs due to any reason as paper jam, ink cartridge issue, printer hardware issue, the USB cable is not connected properly, Bad Configurations is a window, and driver issue. This is the common problem arise every day in office a home.

Some step to solving yourself the printer is not printing problem

  • Please check the printer status
  • Cancel all print jobs for your printer
  • Make your printer default
  • Use basic printer troubleshooting
  • Need if require then update printer drivers

Whenever this problem is not resolved by self then you have need some experts to solve this solution, our printer support team 24hours available to solve this printer related problems.

Our expert provides the services for the HP printer Step Services as

  • Printer not Printing Black print
  • Printer not Printing color print
  • Printer won’t print from the computer, laptops, and smartphones
  • Printer won’t print to Email online document format

You can chat with our technical expert team and find the solution for every type of printer problem

How to solve the paper jam issue in the HP Printer?

Are you facing a problem with a paper jam in the HP printer setup? The paper jam problem is the bigger problem in the HP printer. This problem is not only hp brands but also in Canon, Brother, Epson, and all types of printer do face paper jam issues in daily routine. According to google report in week maximum time of search strings, that he receives around millions of times, “why does my printer keep jamming paper?”

The main reason for paper jam in HP Printer

• Wrong paper setting or filling in the paper tray.

• Loading maximum or the wrong size of paper.

• Not the quality of paper used for printing.

• Using dirty or twisted papers.

• The paper tray has a dust particle.

Fixing paper jam in HP Printer

Sometimes printer shows the HP printer is not printing error and then we need a solution for how to solve this type of issue. Now we can discuss some specific steps for applying to fix a printer paper jam.

• Check manually pull out the paper in the printer.

• Reinstall the printer driver in the HP printer.

• Restart manually the printer system.

• Disconnect and again reconnect the printer system from the device (computer or laptops).

• Manually clean the printer.

After that, you can check the printer is printing or not. If not then, you have needed help hp printer customer support; they will resolve printer jam problems at a time.

Paper jam in the printer but no paper showing in the printer.

Clearing the Paper jam in the printer.

• For the clear paper jam, pull out the stuck paper with the required hand force with very carefully. Some best method to pull out the jammed paper.

• First of all, you can remove the stuck paper from the loading tray.

• Open the door of the printer and pull out the paper from the rear access part.

• Also, pull out the stuck paper from under the front cover.

• Some paper pulls out from the output tray side.

• Some tear paper removes by cartridge or toner forth or backs direction.

• Restart the hp printer setup.

Paper jam in the printer but no paper showing in printer

Sometimes we remove the paper from all parts of the printer but it still shows the paper jam error or warning this is due to the small piece of paper left inside the printer.

• Need to clean the bottom plate of your printer part.

• Move the side gears of the roller with your hands slowly.

• Move freely the gears back and forth motion.

• You have also need to check some hardware problems.

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24/7 Online Printer Support Services by Printwithus

Printwithus provide the best printer support across the world. Today time maximum work on the laptop, computer or smart devices in business or office. So printer demand is also increasing for business purpose work. The business office printer is the main roll for printing documents, fax, and copying. We notice sometimes you are facing printer problems as the printer is not printing, paper jam, Ink cartridge, and more.

Our printer support services give all types of printers issues of solutions, and the best guide by our expert, on how to upgrade printer devices, driver installation, printer configure with wireless or wire printer, and more.

We provide Printer Services as   

  • All in one printer support
  • Hp, Epson, canon and other printer support

Our Support services 24/7 online available for printer customer help as following

  1. Printer is not printing
  2. Paper jam
  3. Ink cartridge
  4. Driver installation
  5. Printer connectivity or configure with wireless or wire device
  6. Other help

Printer is not printing

This is the main or common problem of the printer of today in business. You can resolve this problem by just chat with our printer customer service expert team. We provide stepwise step printer problem of the solution because many reasons for the printer is not printing, like as printer is not connect with wireless or wired cable device, corrupt window system, wifi range, error code, and more.

Paper jam

Paper jam problems arise due to printing many documents at a time. In other words, we can say overloaded printer print devices. In this situation, you can contact our printer helpline number or customer support, expert. Our highly educated printer executive available online find quickly this problem and resolve this problem at a time.

Ink cartridge

Sometimes we notice that the printer has an ink cartridge problem printer is not printing. Then you have to need contact tech support customer services. Printwithus pro team always available online for customer help. Our printer tech support tells how to install the ink cartridge problem properly.

Driver installation

The printer driver is a software application with the help of printing job work. Driver software is more important for every printer. Sometimes you have to need to upgrade to the printer driver. Different printer band has different driver applications. In case of any help for printer driver installation then you can contact our printer toll-free number at any time.

Network connectivity of printer with wireless or wire device

Always check your device connected with printer, because network connectivity is important with your printer device. If you are using iPhones, tablets, laptops with wireless connectivity through printing, then you can check your device is connected or not. If any confusion, then you can call us our wireless printer setup support expert.

Other Help

Our printer pro team provides other information services like as self help guide for printer care. 

  • Printer support assistant inbuilt how to use for printer issues.
  • What are the types of error codes that show during the printer is not working? 
  • How to install ink cartridge proper, ink level and more. 

Just you can chat with our expert team and find your printer solution instantly.

My HP printer is printing black lines. How to fix them?

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HP printers are basically good devices with the high print quality of documents. You can scan, copy and print lots of pages in less amount of time. Very fast printing and scanning speed of HP printers. When you purchasing an HP printer for home or business purposes, mainly uses for print, copy, and scanning. After using the printer you may face the most common error in the printer is black lines on the document. Print normally any document they produce black horizontal lines on the paper or document. This causes an error in your printer and not printing well.

There are two types of lining error one is black lines error and another is white lines error. We describe how to fix white lines error in printer previous blog post. These errors are white horizontal lines on documents when we print any document. The black lines are vertically prints on the left side or right side of the document. Only these vertical black lines are not a single issue, black smudges on the page, missing some areas of document when prints.

Here are some printer problem occurs when prints with the examples

  • Black lines (either side of the page, sometimes in the middle)
  • Missing areas of print
  • Smudges on the page

These are some common black lines errors that occur when prints. Now we discuss all the reasons why it happens and how to fix these error lines.

Reboot printer:

Firstly, check the printer, scanner glass, any dirt and debris that is also the cause of black lines on the document. You can use paper towels or cloths to clean glass cleaner that helps to avoid the spots from the glass cleaner.

  1. Make sure all your connections of the printer is correctly and directly to the wall outlet and not to the surge protector.
  2. Turn on the printer then remove the cord from the back of the printer itself and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  3. Unplug the cord from the outlet and wait for 2 or 3 minutes. then reassemble the power cord and turn on your printer.
  4. Now plug back the power cable and turn the printer back on.

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Method to Fix White Lining Error in Canon Pixma TS6020 Printer

Canon Pixma TS6020 is the wireless inkjet all in one printer. The printer has the functionality of prints, scan, fax, and copy. The Canon Pixma printer is mostly used for business purposes and home basis.

There are various types of errors you can face while using the printer. The main error is the lining error while prints the document. When we print the document and it also prints white lining, then it causes the printing error in your printer. 

These printing errors can be white and black while printing. Sometimes it displays both horizontally and vertically.

You are using the printer for a long time with no issue and suddenly you see these lines on your document. You can contact Canon Printer Customer Support Services to fix it. 

The most general inkjet printer fault is showing up the white lines when it prints. If you are facing this issue with long times and ignoring this to fix it, then you can lose your important part of your printer. 

The more ink and money will be wasted. In this blog, we discuss all the points and factor which cause this error and steps to fix it. Here be briefly go through with all the printing errors.

Run the print head cleaning tool:

1. To very first, run the print head cleaning tool that is in your system. The cause of these white lining on the printouts by clogging of the microscopic pores of the printer head. 

2. If you get the white lines or blank spots when you print the pages, the printer is finished. The Inkjets are choked with paper dust dried ink or other debris.

3. When you run this head cleaning tool spray of ink onto the blocks. After doing this print a test page to check the white lines issue is fixed. Please call +1-833-300-3005 for canon printer customer service support.

Read more: https://printwithus.us/blogs/how-to-fix-white-lining-error-in-canon-pixma-ts6020

How to install HP Printer Setup in windows computers?

Step 1. Prepare the printer setup device

Needs the following requirements and items before you begin to install HP Printer setup.

  1. Printer power is turn on or working mode.
  2. Need a cable wire less than 3 meter in length
  3. Make sure available USB port in your computer.
  4. Do not connected USB cable before install printer drivers
  5. If you connected the USB cable with computer, then disconnect the cable during printer driver installation.
  6. Go to in your computer control panel à click devices and printers
  7. Right click the printer model and remove it. If here multiples printer icon, then also remove it.
  8. Close the devices and printers window

Step 2. Install the HP printer drivers

  1. Go to HP printer customer support and download the printer drivers’ software according to your printer device models.
  2. If printer driver software page for your printer displays, then you can the default operating system selected.
  3. If computer show to current version of operating system as different, then click Change option, select your current version, and then click to Change.
  4. Complete process the install HP printer drivers.
  5. Select the printer connection as USB cable to continue with and complete the setup
  6. Try to take a printout in a page.

Why HP Printer is the Best or better than other Printers?

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In today’s time, many types of different brands of printers are available in the market so much or it’s confusion to customers “How to choose the right printer for the business in their mind”. In this situation, you can take help from a Hp printer customer support experts. They can help you to find the best printer from different printer brands. HP printers are the best and high-quality features of printer brands; they give the best result every time without any difficulties.

Today HP printers are available with Inkjet and laser printers which are available in wired as well as wireless form. Hp Printer has many features like speed and flexibility; you can print too many pages at a time. Hp printer easily connected with all types of devices, tablets, PC, Mac, I phone, laptops, windows with a wired or wireless connection.

If any problem or issue with the printer, then also Hp printer helpline available 24 hours to provide the best printer services. You can also guide by our support expert team, about how to download and install hp printer & scanner drivers on Your Mac or window over the phone, and How to deal with printer problems yourself?

Here now we discuss

Why HP printer is the Best or better than other printers?

The main features of HP printer are:

High Print Quality Printer: When we come to its print quality, then the hp printer is the best. Because the hp Printer has better photo print quality as well as has print text quality. You can easily printer setup with window or mac and print many pages at a time. Hp printer models are different types and features. They deliver impressive and high-quality photo prints. If any printer difficulties, you can chat with the HP printer support assistant.

Scan & copy: The Hp printer has an additional feature to scan and copies the document and print it at a time. For example, the HP Envy 5540 model has a copying or scanning features. HP printer of different models can scan black and white copies at the best speed.

Visit at: https://printwithus.us/blogs/why-hp-printer-is-the-best-or-better-than-other-printers

How to Fix Common Printer Problems

How to Fix Common Printer Problems, hp printer problems, printer not printing, hp printer wireless setup, hp paper resolve jam
How to Deal with HP Printer Problems? How to fix them yourself?

8 Common Printer Problems to fix them yourself

Few things lead to frustration quicker than when you need to print something and your printer doesn’t want to cooperate, you may feel frustrated. If you have a multifunction the printer in any office so if they experience problems, like your scanner and copier, you lose precious business time. So if you have a multifunction printer, you need to understand some common issues than you can quickly search and find fixes specific to yourself.

Below are a few of the most common problems that can occur with printers and a few ways to solve them.

1. Printer Won’t Print: The most obvious solution to this problem is to ensure that the printer is properly connected to your computer and that it is actually switched on.  If your printer driver has two-way communication, you may be warned about an issue even before you step over to the printer. If you are unsure if your computer has the correct driver, then you can check by opening the devices and printing folder on the control panel. You should see a list of printers available to you if yours is not there then check that it is linked to the network properly.

 2. Poor Print Quality: It may seem like an irrelevant part, but the paper you’re printing on can make a big difference in print quality. Match the printer settings to what you’re printing. This means more than making sure the correct type of paper is selected, it also means choosing the appropriate print quality settings for your documents. If you’re printing high-quality photos on glossy paper for a presentation, draft quality and plain paper settings will not suffice.

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Method to Install Canon MX490 Printer On MAC

Canon MX490 printer is multifunctional/ all in one printer. It has featured with Wireless Print, Copier, Scanner, and Fax Machine in a single unit device.

Now we discuss steps to install canon printer on a mac.

There are two methods to install Canon MX490 printer on Mac Device

1. With USB connection

2. With Wireless connection

Now the first method

1. Connect MX490 printer with USB device-

• First, turn on your printer and connect with the Mac computer with the USB cable.

• Please check or preferences and click on the add printer.

• You will look that it will search printer then you can select and press the next level.

• If printer not find, then you can download the printer driver according to your printer model that is compatible with your MAC OS

• Open the Canon MX490 Driver file and follows the given instructions that are shown on your computer screen.

• When this step completes then check the printer connection and take a printout on a page.

2. Install Canon MX490 Printer with wireless connection-

• Turn the power on your Canon MX490 Printer device and MAC

• Please check or preferences and click on the add printer.

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Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer is the best choice? By HP Printer Support Expert

Inkjet vs. Laser: Which Printer is the best choice?

Today many consumers have arisen the same question in mind: which printer is the best choice an Inkjet or laser? The main difference between inkjet or laser printer is that an inkjet printer uses ink, is suitable for low volume printing, and the best choice of home users, in laser printer uses toner, with high volume printing that is most useful in home and office. Inkjet or laser printer also depends on what you want to print and according to your printing budget. For more information, you can chat with hp printer support services expert.

Comparison with printer types

The inkjet printer is cheaper, smaller, and versatility nature to print both text-based documents with high-quality image and photos.

On the other hand, the laser printer is expensive upfront and uses pricier toner cartridge, but the laser printer offers an overall lower cost per page and faster print speed.

Printer Use for

If you are buying for a home printer, then most people advise you to take an inkjet printer but in inkjet printer has the main disadvantage that the ink dries up if you don’t use it often. I strongly suggest buying a laser printer, because toner used in laser printers doesn’t dry up. 

But in case you will use a printer some document or color images then inkjet printers will the good print job is done. On the other hand, a laser printer prints a large amount of document, black, white, and color with speedy print.

The laser printer mostly uses for office purpose color laser printer is the best color printing but If you are looking for professional high color quality photos then use a photo inkjet printer. Mostly engineer or photographer used an inkjet printer for deeper black and creative needs because they need pigment-based ink which is more fade-resistant and works with a variety of art paper types or range of paper.

Read more: https://printwithus.us/blogs/inkjet-vs-laser-which-printer-is-the-best-choice

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