How to solve the paper jam issue in the HP Printer?

Are you facing a problem with a paper jam in the HP printer setup? The paper jam problem is the bigger problem in the HP printer. This problem is not only hp brands but also in Canon, Brother, Epson, and all types of printer do face paper jam issues in daily routine. According to google report in week maximum time of search strings, that he receives around millions of times, “why does my printer keep jamming paper?”

The main reason for paper jam in HP Printer

• Wrong paper setting or filling in the paper tray.

• Loading maximum or the wrong size of paper.

• Not the quality of paper used for printing.

• Using dirty or twisted papers.

• The paper tray has a dust particle.

Fixing paper jam in HP Printer

Sometimes printer shows the HP printer is not printing error and then we need a solution for how to solve this type of issue. Now we can discuss some specific steps for applying to fix a printer paper jam.

• Check manually pull out the paper in the printer.

• Reinstall the printer driver in the HP printer.

• Restart manually the printer system.

• Disconnect and again reconnect the printer system from the device (computer or laptops).

• Manually clean the printer.

After that, you can check the printer is printing or not. If not then, you have needed help hp printer customer support; they will resolve printer jam problems at a time.

Paper jam in the printer but no paper showing in the printer.

Clearing the Paper jam in the printer.

• For the clear paper jam, pull out the stuck paper with the required hand force with very carefully. Some best method to pull out the jammed paper.

• First of all, you can remove the stuck paper from the loading tray.

• Open the door of the printer and pull out the paper from the rear access part.

• Also, pull out the stuck paper from under the front cover.

• Some paper pulls out from the output tray side.

• Some tear paper removes by cartridge or toner forth or backs direction.

• Restart the hp printer setup.

Paper jam in the printer but no paper showing in printer

Sometimes we remove the paper from all parts of the printer but it still shows the paper jam error or warning this is due to the small piece of paper left inside the printer.

• Need to clean the bottom plate of your printer part.

• Move the side gears of the roller with your hands slowly.

• Move freely the gears back and forth motion.

• You have also need to check some hardware problems.

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