Method to Install Canon MX490 Printer On MAC

Canon MX490 printer is multifunctional/ all in one printer. It has featured with Wireless Print, Copier, Scanner, and Fax Machine in a single unit device.

Now we discuss steps to install canon printer on a mac.

There are two methods to install Canon MX490 printer on Mac Device

1. With USB connection

2. With Wireless connection

Now the first method

1. Connect MX490 printer with USB device-

• First, turn on your printer and connect with the Mac computer with the USB cable.

• Please check or preferences and click on the add printer.

• You will look that it will search printer then you can select and press the next level.

• If printer not find, then you can download the printer driver according to your printer model that is compatible with your MAC OS

• Open the Canon MX490 Driver file and follows the given instructions that are shown on your computer screen.

• When this step completes then check the printer connection and take a printout on a page.

2. Install Canon MX490 Printer with wireless connection-

• Turn the power on your Canon MX490 Printer device and MAC

• Please check or preferences and click on the add printer.

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